Our big family, especially from my husband’s side is always careful about the kind of food that they will eat. They try to avoid everything that they suspect having high cholesterol or uric acid. Some of them have a problem with obesity. With the problem of high cholesterol uric acid and obesity, they are very careful with the food and counting the total calorie of what they eat per day.

My husband like other of his family member also easy to gain weight. Even a cup of water can make him fatter. This is our joke to him. He was always careful. He did the sport, went to the gym and for the last 10 years, he was consuming a shake drink with nutrition diet food. The shakes can help you both lose weight or gain weight. Depend on how much you have diet shake, when you drink and how many you have your meal. In that case, since my husband needs to lose weight he consumed twice in the morning and evening and eat lunch only. Literally, he only eats the real food for lunch. Did he like it? In the first few years, he enjoyed it. The supplier taught us how to make several creations of shake. We can put some berries, oatmeal or even some fibers. I myself, I didn’t like it. For me, it is just like fake food. I never like the smell. It is so artificial. Although we put some fruit in it, I still can feel it. Also eating food without chewing is strange. Anyway, the result was good. He became slimmer.

After several years he got tired with the shake. He had tried already different flavors with a different combination of fruits, but he said that he couldn’t find the different. All had the same taste and he fed up. So this was what he did. Every time he reached the ideal weight he would try to reduce the portion of the shake. He would have the shake in the morning with the real food for lunch and dinner. The result is he gained weight easily. He tried to do more exercise, it didn’t change significantly. I worry since he consumed the diet shake almost ten years. Some friends informed us that the shake contained high protein. For long term use, it can damage the liver and kidney. I was searching on the internet, there are some reviews about the product and they talk about the ingredients in it. There is some soy protein aspartame as a sweetener and several other things that not good for your health. then I suggest him to go back totally to the real food. I start to search on the internet some other way to do a diet.

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