What to substitute the ingredients in a ketogenic diet?

When you decide to change your lifestyle to become low carb, sometimes you miss your old style life. A favorite food, or even simply you miss brownies that previously your favorite dessert. Don’t worry, you still can eat it. Just make that food in keto food style. Here are some substitute ingredients keto friendly that you can use to replace.

Wheat Flour: Use almonds flour or coconut flour. In some country, they have diabetic flour, special flour that contain very low carbohydrate. While almond flour does not get the same texture and flexibility as regular flour for all uses, a much healthier choice and full of delicious fat can help us achieve our nutrient goals. Almond flour works very much like a substitute for all-purpose flour, allowing us to use cakey texture and the eggs that you put can help to achieve the growth we are looking for.  Alternatives are the coconut flour with the addition of eggs, but keep in mind that the coconut flour needs more eggs since the coconut flour very dry and absorb more liquid.

The chewiness: meal linseed, Psyllium Husk. The chewiness is definitely something we look for when we do the dense pastry, bread, or almost anything that is a low-carb version of the real thing. My favorite way to ever add to that solid structure is to add psyllium to the recipe. Keep in mind that psyllium is highly absorbent, so extra moisture may be needed to combat this. Psyllium powder is what you need, and you can find it online. Flaxseed meal is also another example of an ingredient to give a somewhat chewy texture. Although I feel it is not as good as psyllium (gives a somewhat gelled consistency), many people have successfully used psyllium instead.

Margarine and vegetable oil: butter, coconut oil, virgin coconut oil. Some studies in the past 20 years have shown that vegetable oils and margarine are just bad for health. But saturated fats such as butter and coconut oil are an auspicious reality and on a ketogenic diet can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. These fats are an absolute delight and can be used precisely if margarine or vegetable oil were to be used

Icing: cream cheese frosting

Instead of that bought the can of frosting supermarket that is full of sugar, dyes, fats, and Trans fats – make your own! Cheese and buttercream come together to create a rich and creamy icing that really makes all your sweet taste better.

Sugar: Erythritol, stevia

Sugar is definitely something we want to get rid of a ketogenic diet, but we need that candy every once in a while, so here’s a replacement. Although erythritol is sugar alcohols, they are not processed in the body – erythritol does not cross the blood barrier in the intestines during digestion and passes us mainly in the urine. Neither the blood sugar effect nor both have a glycemic index of 0. And not to mention, both are a natural sweetener. Erythritol alone can have a feeling of “cool” that can be unpleasant, but if you combine it, it seems to deny the “bad” taste of both and make a delicious sweetener that is 0 GI, natural and perfect for just about everything else. You can buy liquid stevia, or tablet online or in a supermarket.

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