The ketogenic diet

After tried several different diets, we decided to try a ketogenic diet. Low carb high-fat diet seems most convenient for us. We don’t have to starve; we can eat with moderation. It’s only you need to limit the intake of carbohydrate in your body. We studied this diet very careful, and also tried to gather as much as possible the recipe. From our experience, the challenge of the diet is the limitation of the menu of the food that we can eat, and then become bored, end up with stopping the diet.

Ketogenic offers many health benefits. Beside it can help you lose weight, also it improves your health. The principled is almost similar to low carb diets, also Paleo and Atkins diet. Limitation in intake of carbohydrates, no sugar, and high fat. Fat will replace carbohydrates as a source of energy. When body uses fat as a source of energy, it will release ketone, and the condition of the body become ketosis.

Ketosis is a condition in which the human liver produces ketone to be used as fuel or energy used throughout the body, especially the brain. Ketosis occurs when the body no longer has carbohydrate (glucose) intake as a food source to be processed into energy. The ketogenic diet is high in fat, medium protein, low carbohydrate diet, with a target of 75 percent of daily calories from fat, 5 to 10 percent from carbohydrates, and the rest from protein. Generally limiting carbohydrates to a maximum of 50 grams, or sometimes, in the beginning, only 30 grams!

The target ketogenic diet is to make the body become ketosis, as a fat burner as energy. Many who consider ketogenic tend to be stricter in their diet, compared to other low carbs. For dieters to lose weight more motivated because the beginning of this diet is run definitely weight loss will be significant. Carbohydrates will use a lot of water in metabolism, so when stopping the carbo force, of course, the water content in the body decreases.

This results in drastic weight loss. For some people who are accustomed to using glucose as an energy source, they will certainly experience challenging adaptations. Feeling hungry, exhausted, or sometimes emotional. Some people are able to face a “critical period” well and get extraordinary results, especially in loose significant body weight when the body is in ketosis.

From our experience, the first 4 weeks, we lost our weight very significant. Of course, because in that time, our body lost the water. My husband measured his weight and the size of the body. He measured his waist line, arm line and thigh line. We also do some sport, to help the body burn the fat. Some people just leave this activity, but for us that having a goal to be healthier, not only losing weight, doing sport, is a must. After 4 weeks, the losing weight is become slower. It is still continuing but not drastic as before.

The ketogenic diet, actually is not only diet, but it is a lifestyle, since you need to keep and maintain your diet not only for a while, but forever if it possible. Maybe you can just take a break, have a cheat day, and the next day, go back to this life style.

Usually when we have a lunch invitation, we will bring a very simple food, that is small and easy to prepare, boiled egg! For me two and also for my husband. If in the party or meeting we can’t find something to eat, the boiled eggs can save our hunger.

We have a funny story about that. We were travelling to Berlin, and we had a river cruise tour along the canal. We were so hungry, after walked around Potsdamer Platz, in the center of Berlin. Our children had their lunch from the Indian restaurant near the madame Tussaud. museum. We had also, actually, but we only eat butter chicken and palak paneer. The portion is so small. We were still hungry, but if we order again, it would take times. We didn’t want to spend the time waiting for the food. The children besides had their chicken biryani, they also had their favorites naan, with some daals and butter chicken. Although the aroma of the cheese naan was very tempting, we tried not to touch the rice from biryani, or naan. We were just like a warrior, that try to stay in the path, and had to defense from so many food temptations.

Until we left the restaurant, we succeed didn’t touch any carbohydrate, but later in our next tour, cruising the Berlin’s canal, we felt so hungry. Finally, my husband took out the eggs from the Tupper that we brought, and keep inside bag. He offered me two boiled eggs, and he too two eggs for himself.

Inside the river cruise that covered with glasses, suddenly full with the smell of egg that was strong enough to smell from two or three meter distance, and oops,  it was a little bit annoying. The children were upset because of the aroma, and they started to complain. They said that it was embarrassing. We only hoped that it didn’t bother other passengers. Finally, the boiled eggs saved us from cheating!

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