Intermittent Fasting

Yoshinori Oshumi a professor from Japan in 2016 through her research he won the Nobel in the fields of physiology and medicine. He discussed the benefits of fasting. Fasting in relation to the process of autophagy namely the process of regenerating cells in the body which is carried out by the body itself. The condition of fasting is a condition where the level of the hormone insulin is very low so it will automatically maximize the hormone glucagon. This hormone will trigger the process of lipolysis or degradation of fat long chain triglycerides which is mostly fat reserves in our stomach waist and buttocks. It will also speed up the cleansing of the effects of glycation that occur in our lifestyles that consume large amounts of carbohydrates. This makes the digestive organs not work so that the energy available in the body can be transferred to autophagy and cleanse toxins in the body and regenerate body cells that produce effects reverse aging. In short with fasting there will be a process of degradation of fat cleanse toxins in the body and reverse aging that will make you look younger than your age.

In a ketogenic diet fasting in ketogenic condition will help the body to maintain the ketogenic condition and accelerate the burn of fat regeneration of cells and increase your stamina. This is the reason why some people also doing fasting when they choose a ketogenic lifestyle. If you want to do the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting try to stop eating from 20.00-10 am. Once when you have already got used to with the intermittent fasting, you can prolong your fasting, it could be until 12 pm, or even more.

Usually, people take 16 hours of intermittent fasting. During fasting, you can drink coffee tea better green tea and of course VCO as a source of energy. Later, it could be until 20-22 hours, especially when you are already in the maintenance phase. You don’t have to do the intermittent fasting if you don’t want to. Some people want to do it because they are thinking about the benefit of fasting.

Research links intermittent fasting to benefits including:

  • weight loss
  • improved markers of health
  • reduced risk of chronic health conditions
  • improved brain health

So, if you want to look younger than you should have in your age, why don’t you try the intermittent fasting?

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