Keto flu, what is it and how to get rid of it?

Keto Flu is a symptom produced when humans release carbohydrates and begin to adapt to fat metabolism. When the intake of carbohydrate and glucose stop, then there is no one who helps tie water again in the body, there will be a large release of water through urine. Sometimes important minerals and electrolytes are carried away by water and can create a mineral deficit.

In this condition, you need to replace the water and mineral that we lost it. Otherwise, you can be dehydrated. Drink at least 3 liters of water, since you don’t have lots carbohydrate in your body that can hold water. Drink bone or meat broth, to supply electrolyte intake. What are the symptoms of keto flu? Headache, with constipation, feeling weak or tired quickly, flushing heart palpitations, cramps, sugar cravings. Those symptoms are varying from one person to another, from mild to severe.

How to get rid of keto flu? What is the solution that you can get through this period of metabolic adaptation in a controlled manner so you don’t get tired, worry and panic? Try to pay attention to the symptoms that you have. If you have constipation, increase the intake of fiber. We can get fiber from vegetables. Spinach, chards, kale, and all green leaves vegetables have high fiber. Flaxseed, chia seed or agar-agar, also contain high fiber. Nuts, for example, almonds, macadamia nuts.

There is some case, in the transition period from carbs eater, people have symptom prolonged nausea and vomiting when stopping carbo in sudden. That is an indication that humans are shifting glucose, which when released carbohydrates/glucose, their body needs to ask for glucose until nausea vomiting. You can drink green tea, take some VCO for energy. If you have a cramp, you can spray magnesium oil around it, or take a magnesium supplement. Salmon and avocado have potassium that is good for you. Put fish in your menu, if you worry you will be tired with it, try to cook in a different style.

Remember, usually those symptoms appear because of the sudden change of metabolism. That is why it will be good if you change your lifestyle gradually. It will give time to your body to adapt to the new situation.

From my experience, there are big different people who change their eating habit suddenly and gradually. Several of my friends quit from this diet since they felt that this diet made them ill. They really wanted to lose weight and had a good shape. Suddenly they stopped eating carbs, cut the sugar, and eat food with lots of portion of fat. Of course, the body that didn’t have time to adapt to the changing of intake would refuse. Some of them quit, and some took a short break. When they started again with anticipation, they got exceed.

Keto flu, is it dangerous? There is some case that some people then quit from this diet. They think that this diet doesn’t fit well to them. Just wait for a while. As long as your body is healthy, you are not pregnant or give breastfeeding, I think you will be okay.

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