Pollo a la Horno, Argentinian Grilled chicken

This is very easy how to cook a ketogenic style for the whole family. As an Asian, I always get used to with chicken that has many flavors. I eat chicken, meat or fish with lots of ingredients and usually hot, with lots of chilies. So many ingredients, that very often, made it is difficult to taste the real flavor of meat, chicken or fish. When we started with a ketogenic lifestyle, it is not easy to eat some spicy food without rice, so I try to reduce using of chili. Or if I miss spicy things, I will use not so spicy chili, and mix it with red bell pepper, or big red chili that has little bit spicy and sweet.

Using different kind herb is also help you to get the food has more flavor. Marinate with enough time, to get the flavor goes until deep inside. You will taste that even the meat will juicy. I ate this chicken for the first time when we were in Calafate. We bought it from small rotiseria in the corner, and brought it back to our hotel. We were tired from cruise trip to visit The Glacier Spegazzini and Upsala. We were so hungry, and we couldn’t wait until the restaurant open later. Rotiseria is open earlier then restaurant, about 19.00-20.00. Because of starving, of course the taste of the chicken became more tastier, and that’s made me always remember about that.



The Ingredients:

  • Whole chicken, about 1800 gram
  • Lemon one or two, take the juice.
  • Onion one, chopped
  • Provencal herbs to taste (I used basil, thyme, and rosemary)
  • Olive oil 3 tbsp
  • Salt 1 Tsp
  • Pepper ½ tsp

How to make chicken

Once the chicken is well cleaned and the quills are removed, we marinate the chicken with salt, pepper, and the lemon juice. Put the salt and pepper and the lemon juice, in the whole chicken, even the inside. Keep in the refrigerator, covered with cling film plastic. You can marinate for the whole night before, and cook it the next day, or minimal one hour before you cook. When you feel it is enough, put half an onion and half a lemon inside, and a good branch of each of the fresh herbs, to perfume the chicken while it is roasting. On the other hand, we prepare onion cut in julienne, arranged on a baking tray.

Usually, I use a plastic bag especially for baking, to help the chicken cooked faster and doesn’t dry. If you use it, don’t forget to make several holes, the liquid that comes out from the chicken can be dry. We also distribute some aromatic herbs and olive oil to increase their presence of spectacular color. On top, we put some leaves of thyme and rosemary and put it in the preheated oven. We bake for 60 minutes, if you use the oven plastic bag, and about 80-90 minutes without it, at a temperature of 190º, turning the chicken around every 20 minutes so that it is golden on all sides. In the end, open the whole plastic in the top, and we gratin for 5 minutes to give that nice final color to the plate.



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