VCO, Virgin Coconut Oil

Known to have a lot of natural content for the body and friendly without side effects when used, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) instantly transformed into a new favorite in the world of health and beauty in the world. So, it is not surprising if many countries begin to participate in producing large quantities of this type of oil to meet market needs and desires. What are the uses of VCO that are often called “miraculous” so that they are sought after by many people?


Virgin coconut oil or VCO contains MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride), or intermediate carbon chains that are metabolized differently from other fats. VCO is needed at the beginning of ketogenic because it is easily and quickly converted into Energy from ketone,  fuel in the liver. “Virgin Coconut oil  or VCO for ketogenic actors is similar to sweet tea taken by glucose metabolism players.” The faster ketones appear, the faster KETOSIS metabolism runs primarily to save the brain and muscles when glucose and glycogen run out because there are no carbohydrates and sugar (supply driven) Availability of ketones will prevent the body from the process of “gluconeogenesis”, or make new glucose from materials other than carbo, for example, proteins. Or this process will take a moment until the body is truly able to produce the needed ketones (demand driven)

MCT Metabolism of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

The process of absorption of medium chains in VCO is directly through the portal vein without the need to use bile acid, and for absorption through lymphatic pathways such as LCT (Long Chain Triglyceride) when undergoing fasting intermittent , then the body will be able to quickly get a glucose substitute by using VCO (MCT) with the ketogenic process in the liver, WITHOUT the need to break down the muscle to become new glucose by gluconeogenesis as fuel (ATP), or avoid hypoglycemic symptoms in ketosis transition period at 2 – The first 3 days of the ketogenic diet. After undergoing one or two weeks’ ketogenic diet, MCT can increase protein tolerance in their meal times, thereby maintaining low blood sugar and low insulin levels. In new equilibrium conditions in ketosis, the body can adapt to changing body fat and fat food directly from long chains (LCT).

In the market, you can get VCO from a natural health store, or diet store or even in a supermarket in the healthy food section. In the winter time, the VCO will be solid, and in summer in a clear liquid condition. It has the smell and tastes specific like coconut water. VCO that is in good quality, doesn’t smell strong, and light like water. MCT has better taste than VCO, but it is more expensive and more difficult to get. Usually, you need to buy online.


You can take two tablespoons of VCO every 3-4 hours for your diet. If you feel difficult to swallow, warm water or tea following every spoon of VCO will help. Especially in the intermittent fasting period, VCO is very useful to make you feel full, and do not carve.

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