The almond flour has become an excellent ally when it comes to preparing all kinds of baked dishes. It is widely used in paleo diets and also by people intolerant to gluten. This makes a perfect ingredient for coeliac or diabetics. Its consumption is also interesting in people with a low carbohydrate diet. The flour contains all the properties coming from the almonds which are characterized by their high nutritional value. It is an excellent source of vitamin e helps in the management of blood sugar as well as in weight loss. Here I give you information about this nutritious flour and start experimenting with this interesting flour by cooking your own dishes with baked almond flour.

Learn more about almond flour.

The almond flour comes from whitening the almonds by removing the skin and then grind to a fine consistency. Almonds are highly nutritious. one cup of this flour contains about 90 almonds and provides more than 100 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin e. It is very versatile and can be used in all types of baked goods. Science has shown that almonds are a natural inexhaustible source of nutrients. Almond flour is recommended for heart health blood sugar management and even some types of cancer. An important source of energy thanks to healthy fats macronutrients and micronutrients. They contain vitamin b2 that contributes to increasing the energy levels to the creation of red blood cells and to maintain the health of the cells. Studies have also found that the almonds that make up their namesake flour are even better than complex carbohydrates when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a slimmer waistline. Almond is an edible seed of the almond tree a deciduous tree that has white fragrant pale pink flowers. This tree is native to the middle east although currently the largest producer in the United States. They are marketed with skin, without skin, toast or raw and usually the almond flour comes from the fruit with the skin removed.

When we lived in Madrid, we can buy almond flour in most all leading supermarket. The price is different, depend on the quality and where to buy. In the natural or diet store, we call it ‘herboleria’ in Spanish, they sell it in a small package, with the price more expensive. In supermarket, they sell it in bulk, much cheaper.

How to make almond flour at home.

As I said before almond flour is quite simple to make in the house. You only need almonds an oven to toast them and remove moisture and a good shredder to finally make the almond flour. Ingredients: 110 gr of natural almonds with the skin to obtain about 100 gr of almond flour approximately. You can buy peeled and in this case, 100 gr of peeled almonds would give us 100 gr of almond flour.


  • 1. Place a pot with plenty of water to boil.
  • 2. When it is boiling add the almonds and leave them in the boiling water for a couple of minutes.
  • 3. Remove them and remove the hot water and wash them with cold water until they get cold.
  • 4. Rub them with a clean cloth to remove the skin of the almond. Maybe you need to repeat the procedure so that they are all without skin.
  • 5. The next step is to toast them. In this stage, you can do it in two ways. 1- using a pan place over low heat stirring regularly until golden brown. 2 place them on a baking sheet and brown them with help at 80 c for 30 minutes stirring every 10 minutes and checking that they do not brown too much if they brown too much can give bitter taste remember that each oven has its own intensity if you see that they are browning a lot lower the temperature a little.
  • 6. Allow the almonds to cool completely. they must be very cold that if not what can be formed is a mass when crushed and we do not want this.
  • 7. With the help of a powerful crusher grind the almonds in batches and for about 8 seconds that is crush make a rest crush and return to rest. this should be done to wait a bit so that the mixture does not heat up just like I told you previously to avoid forming a mass of almonds. do them for so many until crushing them completely.
  • 8. Now is the time to sift it we must pass it through a sieve to make it fine. it may be that when sifting it there are pieces a little bit you can gather them again to crush and sift. the sifting step can be repeated as many times as we need to take the fine texture that is desired.

How to use almond flour is an excellent baking ingredient as well as versatile. highly recommended if you are following a paleo diet low carb diet diabetic diet gluten-free diet or you are simply looking to add more nutrition to your flours. It is worth trying the almond flour it is ideal for biscuits cakes and bread but it can also be used instead of breadcrumbs for the batter of fish chicken etc. Keep in mind that almond flour is not low in calories but its high nutritional profile makes it very well recommended however consume it in moderation. This flour provides great health benefits such as increasing energy levels heart health and avoids cancer risks as well as helping in weight loss.


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