Green tea is very important in a ketogenic diet. It is recommended to always be consumed after each meal at predetermined meals, and can also be consumed during intermittent fasting hours. The function of green tea here is to suppress the insulin response which may be caused by high protein in food, or the possibility of an excess carbohydrate source hidden in food. Green tea is probably one of those foods that you do not yet know and those considered by many doctors and nutritionists as a ” superfood ” due to the incredible properties that it has and that makes it unique. Green tea is recommended to lose weight by many nutritionists, and this is their main property but, do you know why green tea is an excellent tea to lose weight?

Here we tell you the three main reasons:

  1. Natural thermogenic

What is thermogenic? “Thermogenic is the number of calories needed to metabolize food. Foods with high thermogenic can be used because large calories are needed to metabolize these foods. Thermogenic is any substance capable of producing an increase in the temperature of your body , in order to accelerate the metabolism to burn fat. What is the best natural thermogenic? There are different thermogenic foods that capable of increasing body temperature, green tea is one of them Thermogenic supplements, as they are known in sports, are agents specifically designed to burn fat. Today there are numerous pills in the market to accelerate metabolism and burn fat, but if you are looking for a natural fat burning, green tea is considered one of the best thermogenic to lose weight. Green Tea Green tea, an ideal infusion to lose weight and eliminate liquids

2. Diuretic

A diuretic is a type of food that helps eliminate fluids in the body. The human body is composed mostly of water, and such is the amount of water and liquid that we store that sometimes, due to hormonal changes or cardiovascular diseases, our body stores more liquid than necessary, making us feel swollen. Green tea is a natural diuretic that will help eliminate those fluids that make you look more obese than you really are, being able to make a lot of people who are not fat at all, only have fluid retention due to genetic predisposition (this happens especially in women). Metabolism accelerator Green tea has a type of antioxidant that is able to make our digestive system work faster, with the consequent increase in caloric expenditure that this entails. Normally people with a slow metabolism have to suffer from obesity, while those with an accelerated metabolism tend to be very thin, so with green tea if you have a slow metabolism you can balance the balance in your favor.

When you should drink green tea?

1. Morning You can drink green tea the morning after waking up to help break down fat. We recommend that you drink green tea in warm conditions, not with ice. In addition, consumption of morning green tea can also prevent free radicals, and reduce appetite.

2. After Lunch/dinner, 20 minutes after having lunch/dinner you can have a cup of green tea to help you to raise the metabolism and burning calorie.

3. In the evening, tea time. You can combine drinking 10 glasses of water and 4-5 cups of green tea every day in a diet program.

In the summer day, it is not easy drinking hot green tea. Is it possible to drink it with the ice? As long as you brew yourself, then drinking tea in cold doesn’t make them lose antioxidants. Steeping tea leaves in cold water does not make them lose antioxidants, according to a study published in the journal Food Chemistry in 2010, so cold brewing is one efficient way to prepare iced tea for maximum health benefits. In the study, cold-brewed tea steeped at room temperature for 2 hours, in contrast to hot tea, which was brewed for just 7 minutes, and their antioxidant levels were comparable.

What do you think of green tea? Have we already convinced you to start drinking every day?


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