Ketogenic And Sports

Diet Ketogenic for Losing Weight

The ketogenic diet is limited to eliminate carbohydrates and increase healthy fats to lose fat faster and in greater quantity. If this type of routines is carried out for a short or medium period of time it can be an effective way to lose weight in case of obesity or overweight. Anyway, we must remember that in the long term we have to eat varied and balanced cooking healthy recipes. Nor should we forget that exercise is also an important factor both when losing weight and having good health and proper functioning of the body.

To lose weight you never have to limit yourself to a diet since exercise is the perfect complement. It does not have to be every day or at a high intensity, but it is important to acquire weekly exercise routines. A balanced diet and regular exercise are the basic pillars of well-being.

It is important to differentiate ketoacidosis from ketosis, as they are different processes.

  • Ketoacidosis is a process that occurs in diabetic people, where glucose is not able to enter the interior of cells (due to the pathology itself), producing a high concentration of ketones at blood level, this high concentration is harmful to the body, being able to produce a comma.
  • Ketosis is a process that occurs naturally in the body when glycogen levels decrease in a prolonged way over time. So the main difference is that, in ketosis, if glucose enters the interior of cells, insulin levels remain functional, so that the number of ketones or ketone bodies are lower.
  • If we compare values, we can see that in diabetic ketoacidosis the values of ketones are approximately 15-25 millimoles, and on the contrary in ketosis produced by low carbohydrate diet is usually 3 millimoles, optimal values for proper functioning.

Ketogenic and Sports

The ketogenic diet, after an adaptation, can help increase sports performance. This is called a keto-adaptation, and it takes at least 2 weeks. This adaptation makes the body mechanisms begin to correctly use fat as energy The results that have been proven, are mostly for endurance sports, because in high-intensity exercises when the use of glycogen (carbohydrates) is very high or even exclusive.

The Advantage in Sports Performance

  • Increases the energy capacity provided by the fat before reaching the anaerobic threshold, delaying muscle fatigue.
  • It increases the ability of the muscle to generate energy from fat, using it before and for longer than the hydrate compared to a diet rich in hydrates.
  • By improving the use of fat, glycogen savings are enhanced for sprints, slopes or intensity peaks. Like the HIIT for example.
  • Body composition and weight/power ratio are improved. By reducing the percentage of fat while maintaining muscle, performance is improved.
  • It improves insulin sensitivity and muscle recovery speed after exercise.

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