Planks, why it is good to do it every day?

Many athletes and fitness lovers see in the abdominals and planks exercises one of the most attractive parts in view of the human eye. For some this area of our body acquires importance for its aesthetic. However, it is scientifically proven that its importance in our lives is much greater than almost any other muscle group. Specifically, we talk about the core central. An area that concerns not only the abdomen but also the pelvis lumbar and trapezius. Together they make up the core of our body and a fundamental part of our physical health. Not taking care of it can mean having important in our day today. But above all, it can end up leading to health problems for the future. Strength and flexibility why is our core central so important it is a part of the body that supports a lot of physical load in our routines. It affects practically everything we do: from the position we hold when we are seated to when we sleep going through the times when we carry weight or when we simply maintain the balance of our body when walking. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that keeping our core in shape will allow us to develop better and without problems in all the acts of our daily life.

How to do planks correctly?

Did you know plank? This exercise is usually done to get a flat stomach and maintain proportional body shape. Its position is similar to push-ups, except that we have to hold the position for a few minutes to build up the body on the palms and toes. Are you looking to get your abdomen defined? Are the abdominals in your training plan? Isometric abdominals are an alternative to traditional abdominals to achieve your goal. When it comes to performing isometric abdominals, the planks are the most appropriate exercise for it. This exercise consists of leaning on the floor with elbows and forearms, and the tip of the feet. For its execution, once in that position, tense your body and contract the muscles of the abdomen about 30 seconds. Try that your back is always straight and that your head does not sink between your elbows.

Planks are not an activity to work by repetitions, but by time series. Hold the position for about 30 seconds and repeat it 4-5 times to obtain its advantages. Discover a series of benefits of making planks every day and include them in your routine. Some people believe that they to do plank as long as they can hold for a better result. But actually, this is not true. The longer doesn’t mean getting better. Because actually you only need to do plank position for 30 seconds hold, take a short break, then continue to hold the position for 30 seconds, and do it several times. By this, someone can have a strong abdominal muscle.

What are the benefits of doing planks exercise every day?

By exercising the plank for a few minutes at the beginning of the day will help us improve the whole strength of our body, not only the core since it is an exercise that also activates other muscle groups as important as the shoulders, the triceps, the biceps, the quadriceps, or the femoral biceps. But not only that. with the planks we also get to accelerate our metabolism we create direct stimuli that affect our mood. Interested in trying plank? This movement may look simple, even you do not need to memorize complex exercises or need a large gym. The plank can be done anywhere, and you only need your own strength to do it.

Planks is our favorite exercise. We can do it anywhere, even when we are traveling, Big hotels usually have a gym center, but you don’t have to worry if they don’t have it. You can do planks, and you still can keep your body fit.

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