Ketogenic Boneless Roasted Stuffed Chicken

We are not from the US actually, but all my kids went to American School when we were living abroad, so celebrating Thanks Giving Day was a must. My kids would write some nice words on papers with feather-shape, about how grateful they are. We were living moving around the worlds, and in American school’s cafeteria, they offered turkey for lunch in Thanks Giving Day, and even in some school, we could order from them to bring it home.
This time, I couldn’t find a turkey. The shop “Taste of America”, near the school didn’t have the stock anymore. My youngest daughter looks disappointed. I chatted with my friend that lives in the other part of the city, just in case we can get the turkey from there, but there it was out of stock also. One nice suggestion came from her, “Why don’t you make a ‘frog chicken’? It was similar, she won’t understand. She will think, it is a roasted turkey”.
Frog Chicken, is our country term, for the deboned roasted stuffed chicken with boiled eggs and meatloaf. It was like a frog, that’s why people call it Frog Chicken. Yes, it is similar to a roasted stuffed turkey. But, really? Can I? It takes extra effort and a sharp knife to debone the chicken. I was in doubt. When I look at my little daughter’s face, I feel sorry for her. She asked for me to cook it, since a few weeks ago. Ok, I decided to try it, and here we are the tasty yummy deboned roasted chicken. My little one is so proud of it. She ate more and more. If you are not ketogenic, you can put some bread crumbs to help the consistency of the filling
For 5 people
• 1 medium chicken (1.5kg)
For the filling:
• 250 gr of minced chicken
• 250 gr of minced beef
• 125 gr grated cheddar cheese
• 3 eggs, beaten
• ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
• 1 tbsp. Italian herbs
• 2 tsp chicken stock powder
• 2 tsp black powdered pepper
• 3 boiled eggs
Ingredients for the spread-mix
• 3 tablespoons melted butter
• 2tablespoons low sugar sweet soy sauce
• 2 teaspoons Worchester sauce
Spicy cheese sauce
• 2 chopped onions
• 125 gr grated cheese
• 3 tablespoons of chili sauce
• 2 tablespoons tomato sauce
• 150 ml of water
• Choose a chicken whose skin is not torn, wash it with salt and lime juice, let stand for 15 minutes. Lime helps the skin to be crispy.
• Cut the bone in the area of the chicken belly with a small sharp knife
• Release the skin of the chicken breast and its surrounding by pushing and pressing using the index finger
• Gently skin the chicken so the skin does not tear, cut the thighs and wings (you should not have long nails).
• Prepare the minced chicken from the chicken.
• Mix all ingredients except boiled eggs, do a taste test with sauté 1 tbsp. filling material with a little oil, then correct the flavor
• Put the mixture in a triangle plastic bag
• Wrap the boiled egg with filling material and then put it into the chicken skin, fill the chicken skin until it is shaped like a whole chicken
• Stitch up the chicken skin using needle and thread and make sure the stuffing will not leak out.
• steam for 30 minutes
• Bake the chicken at 180 ° until the chicken is browned, smear the chicken skin with the spread-mix from time to time.
The Sauce:
• Sauté the onion with butter until it’s browned and blender,
• pour it into the pan and add the cheese, chili sauce, tomato sauce, and cooking water until thickened,
• test the flavor
• Serve the deboned roasted stuffed chicken with the spicy cheese sauce

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