Jumping jacks: a perfect exercise for cardio

If you move back to your childhood you can remember your physical education classes. Do you remember the warm-up stage and, above all, your teacher’s preferred exercise?

Most likely they were the Jumping Jacks, and they were not included in all the warm-up routines prior to physical education class and fitness sessions.

You see, when you are static (or with the minimum of movement) most of your muscles remain inactive and all the energy, in the form of heat, is integrated in your center in the area where the heart resides, digestive, endocrine system; and in the area of ​​the head where the brain resides.

This is so because these systems never stop working and for your body, it is indispensable that they receive your complete attention to survive.

What’s up with your limbs?

They are running passively and the blood flow is reduced because they simply do not require it in large quantities. So, what do Jumping Jacks do for you?

Visualize it like this:

You start the movement cadence with a slight jump separating your legs and raising your arms to join the palms on your head. Then you return with another slight jump to the starting position, and this counts as a repetition. After ten, your heart will have pumped enough blood to your entire body so that your limbs begin to warm up, that is to fill with energy. With 30 of these, your lung capacity is increasing and the body is drastically oxygenated, you even feel like your head receives blood flow in puffs. This is an excellent way to increase your daily movement, with only minimal effort.

The jumping jacks are an exercise in which one jumps from a standing position, with the feet together and the arms at the sides to another in which the feet are separated and the hands are touched above the head. It is effective training for the whole body, which you can do almost anywhere. Mainly, this exercise is known for its ability to help burn calories and for being perfect for weight loss. For this reason, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to do it well and take advantage of its effects.

This type of exercise involves the main muscle groups and is very effective in circulating blood quickly throughout the body. These jumps with the load of the corporal weight allow to improve the athletic performance and they are used to heat and to activate several muscular groups. Certainly, it is a cardiovascular job that is known to help you lose weight and burn excess calories. The best part of jumping jacks is that you can include many variations and avoid getting bored doing the same exercise. The jumps increase the heart rate and create a cardio effort and a calorie burn equivalent to running at speed. However, we recommend that you do not forget to pay attention to your body; If you feel pain, take a break or stop training completely.


The jumping jacks make us sweat, burn fat and tone up. Undoubtedly, an excellent alternative to lose weight while maintaining muscle tone. While it is true that the exercise focuses on working aerobic and pulmonary resistance, the expenditure of calories and toning the lower body train, also allows work agility, stability, balance, and coordination. This type of exercises is also used for the recovery of fatigue after other intense exercises. You can perform this exercise at home since you do not need any equipment, simply your body, and much desire. The jumping jacks are suitable exercises for all because they can be practiced from beginners to experts, depending on the intensity.

The jumping jacks: an ideal exercise to lose weight

The jumping jacks favor the rhythmic movement of the whole body, which produces burning calories and weight loss. It also serves to increase blood flow, which improves capillary function in the arms and legs. It is a high impact exercise since both feet leave the ground at the same time. The large muscles of the legs rise from the floor when you jump with your legs together and thus challenge the cardiovascular system, but puts your joints at risk with the impact. In short, this classic exercise is an incredible way to activate almost all the muscles of your body, including the heart.

Routine to exercise at home. Likewise, it is a basic exercise that most people can perform. It can even be modified to suit any style of training necessary, even for the most novice athletes. If your goal is to improve your figure, combining a healthy caloric intake and regular moderate-intensity exercise can help you burn more calories and reduce abdominal fat.

How are they performed?

The jumping jacks are executed jumping, from the starting position we open the legs to the width of the shoulders and then join them with a slight jump, while we raise the arms at the same time on the head and then lower them to the initial position to the height of the thighs. To perform the exercise correctly we must keep the body in constant tension as well as the straight head and the front view.

What is your experience with jumping jacks? Previously, when I didn’t know the benefits of jumping jacks, I rarely did it. I think it’s a childish sport, which is just for fun. I do cardio more often, such as jogging, or running on a treadmill, or using a static bicycle. After learning the great benefits behind the ease of doing so, I routinely did it. And so far, I can see the differences after doing this exercise. I can feel my body feel light, fresh and full with the energy. How about you?

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